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Drabbles, drabbles, drabbles

Not only has it been awhile since I've done some Vimes/Sybil drabbes but it's been awhile since I even thought about fanfiction. This disturbing state was thankfully thwarted last night when I read the discworld characters' tropes page. And as a result, I give you the bajillionth vimes/sybil music drabble meme!

1. Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

Captain, soon to be retired, Vimes was somewhere else, a long way away. He didn't notice himself being pulled about or anyone going through his pockets and removing anything. He didn't feel anyone trying to pry his hand open.

I don't think he was drinking on an empty stomach...” someone said a million miles away, “I think he put some alcohol in it first...”

Would you like another drink, captain?” someone asked... maybe. Who cared, really?

Some time later and maybe after being carried off, his mouth was opened and bitter hot liquid was poured into it. For several horrible seconds everything was clear. He wasn't a man, he was the play thing of a sadistic old man, created for the amusement of other sadistic people who all delighted in his personal torment and cared nothing about his dignity or privacy. He could smell the paper... He screamed and finally, after an eon of torment, someone gave him hsome of that blessed liquid that made him forget all he'd learned. He passed out because how else could anyone cope and the last thing he heard was the sound of a copper disc falling onto the wooden floor.

2. Not in Nottingham – Disney's Robin Hood

The dollar in Sam's pocket felt as heavy as an anvil and as hot as a forge. It could have been glowing like some bright beacon and he just didn't know it. He hurried home and ducked into an side alley when he saw a man standing in front of his door and talking to his mum. He didn't have to guess, it was another man collecting taxes. He was all smiles and jolly laughter and very definitely not drawing any attention to the heavy club tucked under his arm. Sam waited until his mum meekly and bitterly handed over a few coins, the last of their money and the man was well out of sight before coming out of the alley and going home.

3. Joan – Heather Dale

The Summoning Dark had had many hosts but this one was almost tailor made. Oh... he protested, he resisted but for all his claims that he wasn't his puppet, he was still the best host. This little man, with all the pointless titles; duke, copper, husband, father... They were but dust collecting on top of him, easily wiped away and just as unimportant.

4. Serenade – Faust (sung by Christopher Lee)

Turn around, turn around! Sam bit his tongue in an effort not to disturb the other patrons of the music hall. He turned his attention to the box of chocolate raisins. Gods protect us from the dumbness of leading men in romantic comedies, he thought. There was no breed of stupider man than those trapped in rom-coms. Why couldn't they just tell the girl 'I think you're fit, how about a date, no hanky-panky I promise' and have done with it? Why all the gibbering and clumsiness? And the women were even worse, misinterpreting everything and not being straight with a bloke. Got back to the door and kiss her before she closes it, you damn stupid man! Sam shook his head and threw his arms up, swearing to never act as stupid as that. And marry the first girl that's decent enough to speak her true mind instead of playing games.

5. I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie

Bury me at Small Gods, ok.” Vimes said one morning over breakfast.

Right now, dear?” Sybil asked, not looking up from her eggs.

She smiled faintly then knowing that Sam was probably giving her a Look. It must have been one of those nights, she decided. She'd long ago gotten used to the occasional morbid moment from her husband. Being a copper does make a person think about death more often than they'd like. The first time he'd gotten into a mood like this, Sybil had made the mistake of trying to get him to talk about it and reassure him of any worries he didn't actually have.

And in my own street uniform, if you please.” Vimes continued, “I'm not spending the rest of eternity in tights and a gilded breastplate.”

Certainly not.” Sybil assured him, “I intend to be the only one grossly overdressed in the cemetery of Small Gods.”

6. Vissi d'arte – Tosca (sung by Maria Callas)

The last hour of Vimes' life had been spent arguing. He was sitting in his office and sitting across from him was a young woman, who... did something in show business, Vimes had never heard of her honestly. She was pleading, very sincerely, maybe, on behalf of her lover. He sighed and tried not to look tired.

I'm sorry but I can't just let him go. Everyone at the opera saw him jump out of the Patrician's box holding a crossbow. And he confessed to trying to shoot.” Vimes said. He hadn't just confessed, he'd bragged. He thought he was striking a blow against a tyrant. Idiot.

Perhaps...” the young woman said, reaching out to touch Vimes' hand, “you can... arrange something. I'm very discreet.”

I'm not going to arrest you right now on the basis that you're obviously new in town.” Vimes said, freezing the atmosphere.

7. The Devil's Gallop – Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar

The Alchemists' Guild had been robbed. Well, robbed probably wasn't the right word. Shoplifted maybe. By a couple of men that needed the gentle care and patience of the Beggars' Guild, if Vimes had to judge by the smell. They were nowhere near Foul Ol' Ron's degree but they were making the effort. It was a shame to catch them, really. That would require getting a really good whiff of them.

8. I See the Light – Tangled Soundtrack

Vimes was no stranger to waking up in places he hadn't been when he passed out. Thankfully, that didn't happen much these days. But sometimes some right bastard would land a blow on him and so, not for the first time, he woke up after the younger coppers had quieted things down themselves and carried him home. He opened his eyes and deduced by the familiarity of the ceiling, that he was in his own bed in his own house. He turned his head and smiled. Sybil was sitting by the bed, Young Sam sitting in her lap.

Daddy, you woke up.” Young Sam said in case no one else had spotted it.

He always does.” Sybil said.

9. I'd be Surprisingly Good for You – Madonna

I'm just a copper...” Vimes muttered at the tailor's shop, holding his arms up anyway, “I don't need all... this.”

I just want you to look nice.” Sybil said innocently, “Not that you need any help there.”

Vimes rolled his eyes.

Then why do I need a fancy suit to meet your friends?” He asked, “Are you showing me off or trying to make a good impression?”

I don't know what you mean.” Sybil said.

You're going a bit pink, dear.” Vimes pointed out, “I'd still rather forget about this dinner idea. I don't think I'm a show piece and I don't care about impressing a bunch of nobs.”

Those 'nobs' are my friends, Sam.” Sybil reminded him, “And I think they could be your friends too, if only you'd let them.”

10. Everything You Ever – Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

The day after the wedding was... quiet. Sybil thought that the peace and quiet would be a relief after such a hectic day but it wasn't. Sam didn't help matters either. He was the sort of quiet that acted as a vacuum. All sound was sucked into his silence and died. She tried to make conversation, she covered every topic from the weather to the gonne itself. Anything to get him to react but he just wouldn't. She'd even resorted to the 'what are you thinking about' line and gotten nowhere. Actually, worse than nowhere. He'd only said, 'Carrot can handle things' and sighed. He'd given up his badge, his Watch and obviously he trusted Carrot to run things which mean that he didn't have a thing to worry about. Sybil never thought she'd regret giving Sam peace of mind.

Not terribly satisfied with some of these but oh well.


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Mar. 18th, 2012 03:23 am (UTC)
Enjoyed them all
But I particularly liked number 5. The "Right now, dear?" and the line about being grossly overdressed just sounded so perfectly like something Sybil actually WOULD say.
Mar. 18th, 2012 10:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Enjoyed them all
thanks very much, I think #5 might be the only one that went the way I wanted it to.
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