Vimes/Sybil Music Meme - Pandora Edition (and some news)

One quick bit of news first of all. I'm trying to be more serious as a writer and possibly publish a book one day so I've created a wordpress, facebook and twitter account under my pen name. So here are the links to those in case there's anyone who wants to follow me.

And I felt like doing something a little different with my usual music meme so I decided to turn pandora on and write drabbles. Also yea, I'm listening to the Jonathan Coulton station. I've desperately needed some cheering up lately.

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Drabbles, drabbles, drabbles

Not only has it been awhile since I've done some Vimes/Sybil drabbes but it's been awhile since I even thought about fanfiction. This disturbing state was thankfully thwarted last night when I read the discworld characters' tropes page. And as a result, I give you the bajillionth vimes/sybil music drabble meme!

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Not terribly satisfied with some of these but oh well.

Discworldian Moment

Just started listening to Mark Thomas: My Life in Serious Organised Crime and had another one of those 'this is so Discworld' moments.

It's a hilarious story about a protest against getting a permit to protest in near the Houses of Parliament that's increasingly becoming like something out of a Watch book.
I don't know how it ends because I had to stop it when they started conducting a seance in a police station so that the ghost of Winston Churchill could fill out the form. I'm at work and I don't want my loud and undignified laughter to disrupt anyone.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to post. I might post this in the lj discworld community but not at the moment.

Musice Drabble Meme: Evil Awesome Edition

I recently made a playlist of villain songs (most for disney movies and other assorted musicals) and in an effort to distract myself from dwelling on unpleasant things, I've decided to do the usually Music Drabble Meme using only songs from my Evil Awesome playlist. Wish me luck.

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I think I just implied that Sybil is an evil mastermind. Awesome.


1. Had two bad dreams last night. One involving my old job, the other about politics interfering in video games.
2. It is insanely hot today.
3. After watching a couple of Doctor Who reruns, I've been struck with the overwhelming urge to write a doctor who/discworld crossover. Am I the only one that thinks Sybil Ramkin would have made a perfect companion?